What to Look When Buying Sunglasses

Sunglasses protect the eyes and give you a stylish look. Due to its extensive benefits and advantages, it is equally popular among men and women. It offers protection from blistering sunlight in summer and other seasons on a sunny day and protects against from harmful radiation. 

You can buy these glasses either from a nearby store or online. If you are looking for long term use, then you will have to spend a few bucks on them, but for short term use, you can always find cheap ones. Your priorities and budget will also help you decide what you want.

Why Choose Sunglasses?

  1. It provides excellent protection to your eyes.
  2. In case of dust or windy weather, they act as a shield and stop dust particles going into your eyes.
  3. During a bike ride, you can always use them to stay safe from any harm to your eyes. It reduces the irritation caused by the wind and sun glares.
  4. It reduces the chance of any eye disease.

Buying sunglasses can be a difficult task, because you have so much to consider before you go out and buy a pair, but luckily with Grimaldi Couture, it shouldn't be too hard, and below I've provided a few things to keep in mind before purchasing a new pair.


  1. Ultra Violet Radiation Protection Lenses

You must choose sunglasses that are ultraviolet radiation-proof. Sun often emits harmful radiations, and the eyes can get damaged upon direct exposure. The damage may harm your cornea and lenses and thus affect your eye sight. Always get the one that offers you complete safety from harmful sun glares.


  1. Pick Sunglass That Suit You

While shopping for your new frames, everyone has their own style so look for ones that suit you sense of style. Always keep in mind your wardrobe, what colours are you attracted to? What do you were more of? What colour suits your skin tone? These questions will help you decide what to go for.


  1. Lens Color

Lens colour may not seem important but it is equally as vital as the style you choose. Your selection should be based upon the sunlight conditions. Usually, the darker lenses allow less light to pass through them; hence more protection. On the other hand, light colour lenses allow more light to pass through to the eyes.

  1. Polarized Lenses

Both polarized and non-polarized lenses come up with multiple benefits. Although with polarised lenses you can enjoy the advantage of a more rich experience of colour, all the while blocking out harmful UV rays.


All things aside, your selection will depend upon your budget. A quality product will last, but you will have to spend a little more. The proper usage of eyewear can not only give you the visual benefits but also provides good health to your eyes.

Hopefully you have a better idea of what to look for before you go to make a purchase. Enjoy the sunlight and give your eyes a chance to thank you!