“Fashion is powerful, it can change the way a man feels, and portrays himself. With a good fashion sense and a good pair of jeans, he’s unstoppable and he can take over the world.”
For us, fashion has always been so much more than a way to look good, it’s completely transforming: it effects our mood, our confidence and the way we feel. Ever since we started our fashion design course we were transfixed. We started helping out our friends in a fashion crisis- and we loved it! We consider ourselves beyond lucky that our love for fashion, and so much sweat and determination has turned into a thriving business.
How it all began: working for ourselves in our own business was not what either of us had expected to be doing when we were older. We were born and raised in Australia, working for a company that travelled regularly, and we were lucky enough to be picked for this overseas trip to Italy. When we were over there, we began developing an obsession for the high-end brands, and the fashion was so outstanding, it couldn’t be ignored. When we got back home, everything started happening and unravelling for us. We researched endlessly to start the business we have today. We wanted the authentic Italian quality, but still in an appropriate price range, so we designed jeans and sent the designs to be made, and everything is history from there.
Dreams coming true: We’ve always been creative people, so when we showed our friends what we had designed, they convinced us that we have something very special in our hands that had to be shared, so myself and my best friend turned business partner joined forces to launch our brand Grimaldi Couture. Combining our years in fashion design and our very picky eye for fashion, we are proud that we can create luxury pieces that we believe are truly valuable for every man and his best friend. Everything Grimaldi Couture releases are products we wear daily, and products we invest all our time and heart into. We hope you love them as much as we do.